10 “Natural atmosphere places” near Bangkok

natural atmosphere places, escape the dust, escape the pollution in the capital, go out and breathe fresh air. On the weekend together Better than lying at home. Go out to experience new travel today. We will offer 10 places to travel near Bangkok for a relaxing day. Or you can stay overnight as it is convenient to go on a trip to breathe in the air with nature It’s really good to relax your mood. Where are you planning to travel yet?

1. Koh Samae San, Chonburi Province

ttractions near Bangkok That can go morning and evening back Easily Because it takes only 2 hours to walk than  Samae San Island, located in Sattahip District Chonburi Province In charge of the navy Open source Ecotourism On the island of Samae San The turquoise sea that can swim with 2 beaches together: Haad Tien Beach, Luk Lom Beach (There are 5 beaches on the island) There are many activities such as snorkeling. Take a walk along the beach, boating and relax on deck chairs. Soccer-volleyball, beach biking, glass-bottom boat ride, see nature under the sea. Here there is a very beautiful nature. Because tourists are limited each day Just 500 people a day for the ferry ticket reservation Reservations can be made at the Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum. Book yourself. No reservation in advance.

2. Nakhon Nayok

Nakhon NayokThe dream city near the city, beautiful mountains, beautiful waterfalls, rich, natural, pollution-free is the motto. The motto is already telling me. That there must be a lot of tourist attractions. So let’s start with Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam. The longest compacted concrete dam in the world Take a walk over the dam Overlooking the city of Nakhon Nayok And Khao Yai National Park There is a long tail boat rental. 

To see the waterfalls that are deep in the dam reservoir Later Wang Trakrai. It is a famous tourist destination of the province. Plenty of nature, large trees and various plants. Surrounded by mountains Enjoy swimming, white water rafting, various adventure activities, oh my, just the atmosphere is worth visiting. Let’s continue at some waterfalls. Nang Rong Waterfall is only 20 kilometers from the city, located in Khao Yai National Park. Shady with trees All kinds of flowers The sound of the water spray and the spray makes you feel soothed. The upper waterfall has an iron bridge across the stream. Good for walking And take beautiful photos The atmosphere must be very good.

3. Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi Province

Suan Phueng is a district of Chonburi Province with many resorts and vacation rentals. The environment consists of nature, forests, mountains and places that are worth visiting first. Bo Klueng Hot Springs Soak in warm mineral water. For a comfortable and relaxing soak. And it also helps the circulatory system work well. Suitable for health lovers Good rest Later.

There are the market, Suan Phueng, Veneto, good atmosphere, natural view, simulating the atmosphere from Venice, Italy, with many shops. Inside there is a large lake Can ride a boat There are many photo spots to see alpaca at Alpaca Hill. With the first alpaca farm in Thailand. On an area of ​​more than 250 rai, natural atmosphere Can feed Close hug In addition to alpacas. There are also wallabies, giant rabbits, prary dogs, mammots, snowy owls, and more. Go feed the sheep at the Vintage Synergy Farm and take beautiful photos. One way, complete the formula.

4. Bang Pu Recreation Center Samut Prakan Province

Bang Pu or Bang Pu resort Attractions in a vacation to the beach. Located in Muang Samut Prakan District Samut Prakan Province The symbol here is the Sukta Bridge stretching to the sea. There is a pavilion at the end of the bridge. Nowadays it’s a restaurant And the meeting place of the elderly There is a dance activity every Saturday. 

This attraction is suitable for those who want to breathe the freshness of nature. Cool wind blowing Watch the seagulls soar Fertile mangrove forest Watch the sunset in the evening Sitting and having dinner with the family, enjoy the activities. There are also many things. Such as feeding seagulls, releasing crabs, planting mangrove trees, Lamphu trees, cycling, enjoying the view, ho !! It is very good to go. It is worth traveling and it’s also a little closer.

5. Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Khao YaiPopular tourist attractions of Bangkok people There are many kinds of attractions. Natural form at Khao Yai National Park A park covering 4 provinces, surrounded by rich nature, including mountains, waterfalls, wildlife that come out for a variety of plants in a chic and cool way, Palio Khao Yai is a place to relax. Shopping centers, taking pictures of European architecture, lots of shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, enjoy grapes at PB Valley vineyard. With an area greater than 2, 00. Vineyard Taste fresh grapes from the trees, eat food made from grapes. 

Great grape wine An international restaurant with over 100 menus, watching natural scenery, relaxing your brain, an indispensable thing is Farm Chokchai. Never stop. It is considered not to come. Agricultural tourism You can watch a performance of cowboys, herding, horse riding, ATV riding, watch a farm, watch a museum, eat a steak, Chokchai Drink milk from Umm Milk, a place to eat and travel. Continue to Bonanza Khao Yai. Is both a place to travel Inside there is a small zoo of 100 rai, a golf course, there is a rock-climbing activity, a simulation cliff, ATV riding, adventure, horse riding.

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