“Travel Trends for 2021”

During the year 2020, tourism has changed dramatically. Because of the Covid-19 situation that occurred around the world Making almost all types of business Or even we ourselves are more careful in the year 2021 that the travel trend will change in any direction. Or do we need to adapt? We have compiled a Booking.com survey of more than 20,000 travelers in 28 countries. What will change? Let’s see

The trend of traveling by car will increase.

Flying abroad can be difficult. Therefore, the trend of travel will change to a car instead. According to the survey, 73% of Thais prefer to drive by themselves. Because during the way you can stop and stop as you like This is different from going to a plane which takes a lot of risks and when you get to a destination it might be a more difficult and difficult journey.

The trend of ecotourism will increase

80% of the number of people surveyed Often likes to travel in a province that is rarely visited. Therefore, tourism is a matter of opening up new experiences such as ecotourism, the community is becoming a hot trend among teenagers and the general public. Because they want to find new experiences Including wanting more outdoor activities It is called an adventure travel. They also love to help the community. To create benefits and take part in local regeneration as well 

The trend of traveling on weekdays is increasing

It is unbelievable that for Thai people, traveling on weekdays has increased by 68% because at the beginning of the year many people have worked as Work From Home, we have started to adapt to working outside the workplace. So people started booking accommodation during normal working days. To change the atmosphere to make yourself feel relaxed and to find new inspiration more until a trend called Workcation is considered to be the change of the number that is the highest in the world.

More health-care tourism trends

According to the survey, 86% of Thai tourists agree to have an easy check-up upon arrival at their accommodation and 87% who wear face masks during their travels. It is a new kind of tourism that needs to pay attention to health while traveling. Fortunately, Thai people value and help protect the health of themselves and those around them quite well. Therefore, wearing a face mask and hand washing with alcohol gel are included as travel trends for 2021.

By exploring trends in 2021, we know what forms of travel are popular now. So we can keep updating the stream all the time. When I finished reading the girls So that it will not go out of trend

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