Where should to go for “first overseas trip in Asia”?

Many people wanted to go out and open their eyes. Visit the beauty of the country abroad in Asia. But don’t know where to start and more difficult than planning a trip. Is not knowing where to go and believes that starting with anything the first time is always difficult, so we would like to introduce 10 beautiful in Asia that are great for visiting. First time overseas trip Come to recommend it to your friends. Have chosen to open up new experiences.


The dream country of many people with a beautiful country culture in Asia. Delicious food Can travel from north to south And also comfortable to travel Plus, come in every season, it will be charming that will fascinate every time, making Japan one of the countries that many people plan when they come to travel abroad for the first time. And when you get it, it’s not a surprise if there will be a second repeat visit.

South Korea

Although South Korea is known for the strictness of the Immigration Bureau, it does not drop the country from the list of countries to visit when traveling abroad for the first time, especially for girls who want to follow in the footsteps of Korean dramas. In addition, South Korea is full of tourist attractions, good weather, convenient travel And the money is not expensive as well How could this not be possible.


Countries that are up and running in recent times, such as Taiwan, That also worth visiting for a first-time overseas trip. Who is more late to eat come to Taiwan without disappointment. Because here is very famous for street food including many attractions great landmarks, beautiful nature. It is waiting for you to experience yourself in Taiwan.


Although Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world But if you want to travel abroad for the first time Singapore is an easy country to visit. It takes only 2 hours. Despite being a small country but there are many beautiful tourist attractions, convenient transportation, sky train, buses that can take you around the island. For those who like shopping, they can come and shop together. Try it once and you will be fascinated.

Hong Kong

Another country that takes only 2-3 hours. Hong Kong is a small country with beautiful attractions. And many activities to do Whether it is a fun amusement park, beautiful views along the Victoria Harbor, praying, praying for love, or eating food, there are so many great restaurants in Hong Kong. If you want to travel abroad for the first time Hong Kong is another interesting country as well.


Let’s go to Hong Kong and not Macau because Macau can travel easily Just take a ferry from Hong Kong. Or can fly directly from Thailand Macau has beautiful architecture. Making people who come to travel abroad for the first time feel like traveling to China And Europe at the same time, in addition to the beauty of the country Whether it is a great landmark, famous restaurants, casinos for gamblers. It’s all for you in Macau.

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