7″ feng shui” characteristics of a good home Already rich

Feng Shui a good home already rich

Feng Shui, building a house or buying a new home. For the general public. It will focus on buying according to the location. and price that is suitable for the budget. But if readers want a good home. Already wealthy Already thriving Choosing a traditional home may not be enough to meet the needs. But need to learn more feng shui science. So that the house is a part to stimulate fortune for the residents

Feng Shui from the author’s point of view. Is a science based on architecture Ing Science. Which has various variables that can prove the facts It also has accurate statistical results. Thus making feng shui science accepted for thousands of years However, in the present era. The feng shui industry in Thailand has branched into many aspects. There are both scientific and belief-based aspects. For feng shui content, every article you have read on the House Ideas website. Will focus on feng shui all science.

Feng Shui Good House Road access in many ways.

This rule applies to both when buying a home. All types of buildings or choose to buy land. Because the location of the house is good feng shui A wide access road is require. Comfortable driving and if it is a road that can connect to many other lines. Will greatly promote good fortune for the residents It helps to increase your business opportunities even more.

In any case, this rule is not complicated. Because if able to go in and out in many ways. Will cause a large flow of circulation Concrete flow is a group of customers who can easily access our business. But if the location is a narrow alley, the chances that people will know or see will be much less. Even if the Soi Tan and the house are at the end of the alley, you can notice that Most houses at the end of the alley are messy. Uninhabited Which is caused by the lack of good energy.

From the image above Is an overview of the city of Feng Shui Will notice that In any city, the most prosperous will be the point where roads meet. In this example it is Chiang Mai. The most prosperous zone is the moat zone. And the most prosperous line in the moat is Ratchadamnoen Road Or that Tha Phae gate line But if it is a house, it is not necessary to have such a good location. The author just wants to give examples of big locations to clearly see the picture. Just providing a convenient entrance and exit helps feng shui better and And if necessary, stay at Soi Tan Choose to convert the house in the front of the alley only If it is at the end, it is definitely not good.

Feng Shui Good House Because there is a shortening in front of the house

Usually the home front shortening period The Building Control Act is defined by building type. Which each type has a different shortening period On average, it has a shortening distance of about 2 meters, but if you look at the principles of feng shui, a good home, a short 2 meter distance is not enough to receive energy to help stimulate the house According to Feng Shui principles have said A good home must have “Meng Tueng”, the word Meng Tueng is simply translated as the energy storage yard. It could be a front yard or an outdoor patio.

In the case of one-story house Should be spaced about 3-4 meters or more, or if it is a 2-storey house, it should be spaced about 4 meters or more. The more Meng Tueng is more spacious, the more energy can be stored And should not fill the soil or pour the floor in such a way that it can not go outside But always keep the floor flat In the event of a slope, leave only a slight entrance to the car. Otherwise the current will flow outside the house.

Feng Shui Good House  The front of the house must be open and clear.

In addition to the shortening to create a meng tung. What should be paid attention to the openness without any obstacles, especially the door position must be as open as possible. In the event that there are big trees, electric poles or any obstructions to obscure them, they must be removed. Otherwise, it will be a barrier to energy, causing an interruption of fortune. Energy can be accumulated completely without interruption.

Small spots that many houses tend to ignore, such as drying clothes in front of the house. The shoes clogged the door. Or place obstructions for use All of these things have an effect on feng shui, so keep them organized. Choose to hang clothes on the side of the house or have a room for drying clothes especially that would be great.

Good home feng shui The back of the house must be firm.

For the backyard area Feng Shui A good home should have strength and solidarity. Because the back of the house is a prestigious position Therefore, it should be designed in such a way that it is conducive to support. If based on the ancient beliefs of Thailand, it would be popular to plant a jackfruit tree in the back of the house. Which is one of the sacred wood that means having a supporter Promote prestige But the feng shui name of auspicious wood will not affect each other. The context of solidarity conveys the celestial nature. Completely enclosed or a hillock

So the ground behind the house should be slightly higher than the front of the house. With a solid wall A good house should be calm. No currents coming in, for example, the back of the house should not be a road, the back of the house should not have water flowing through Because if there is a current coming from the back of the house, it will make the residents lose peace and their life is chaotic, but if the back of the house is calm and firm, it will help to build up prestige. Can accumulate fortune and wealth as well

Feng Shui Good House The shape of the house must be balanced.

Good house characteristics according to Feng Shui principles It is a well-balanced home in every direction, because all directions can be interpreted according to the five-elemental principles and the 8-way spiritual system, or if you want to analyze the feng shui of your home thoroughly Feng will find the center of the house to calculate the direction of each direction. To organize the feng shui of the house to achieve a balance

A house that finds its center well, therefore, is a square house. No side is dented Because the indentation of the house will cause the energy to disappear Can not be distributed evenly or lack balance, sure enough, the indentation of the house will not affect all members of the house. But it will affect people with elements corresponding to that direction, which the idea houses will be written to read again in the following articles. In addition, the house should not have a very strange shape and appearance. too Because it will make it easier to lose balance than a general box-shaped house.

Feng Shui Good House Simple roof

In addition to the shape of the house The roof of the house, which is the part that covers the house, has a feng shui effect as well. A good roof should be designed in a simple manner. Can do all types of roof slab, hip, pediment and upright. But must be the same piece throughout the building They should not overlap or have too many layers.

If you look at the construction angle The presence of several layers of roof overlap. Often causing later leakage problems It is also a risk point for nesting pigeons and sparrows. Simple roof Therefore can be easier to maintain And also helps to create a good balance in the shape of the home

Feng Shui, a good home, bright and airy interior

Many homes tend to ignore this matter. Especially the modern house that focuses on covering the curtains in a blackout Feng Shui A good home should be properly lit, the main light source from natural light. But if at any point the natural light is inaccessible To use the light from the lamp to replace Especially the hallway in the house, living room, living room, office, kitchen and the front of the house should always be light.

During the time the author learned the Feng Shui textbook from Master Feng. The teacher also once said that “Like to turn on the light Because the house in the dark is impoverished But a bright house will be rich. But it helps to encourage residents to have a way to make money. Can find prosperity into the house Therefore worth the investment.

These seven tips are fundamental principles that can be apply to any building, including homes, offices, factories, and all types of residential buildings. Or if you want to buy a new house. If applying all 7 of these knowledge House or land purchased. Will be a good asset for feng shui Inevitably results in prosperity In the next section. We will learn that “feng shui houses are not very good, the more they are.”

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