Bangsaen Beach A new chic photo corner to check in

Anyone who passed by Bangsaen beach during this time would have caught the eye of the buoy that juts out into the sea along with tourists who stop by to take pictures and play on it.

This floating buoy is a project of Saen Suk Municipality to try out three new ways of tourism system of Bangsaen beach in order to develop.

This has resulted in a new photographic landmark of Bangsaen Beach that looks very beautiful and unusual. It is very popular with tourists now.

Tips for using the buoyancy service are as follows:

1. Use the service from 06.00 – 20.00

2. Do not use as a fishing place.

3. The number of people who use the service is not more than 30 people per time.

4. Do not use as a place for jumping into the water.

5. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Do not eat food

6. A young child should be under close parental supervision.

7. Do not sell food. Beverages and merchandise on the buoyancy

8.Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with congenital diseases, please be careful when using the service ufabet.

While Mr. Narongchai Khunpluem, former Mayor of Saensuk, revealed that the plastic buoys at the municipality.

Made to order to be like a raft extended to the beach Allowing tourists to walk down to play by floating on the water Today, the company that made him finished Therefore, it has brought together 3 points: the point in front of the Bang Saen roundabout.

The point in front of Chao Pho San Shrine And the point in front of Soi 5

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