Online Tour Guide Travel Services, You Can Travel Anywhere

Get to know the online tour guide a new service in the era of the COVID-19 epidemic. They creating a career for local guides without having to lose their jobs. You can travel through VDO Call on a computer screen anywhere in the world. Such as, hiking, trekking, and touring, pubs, and bars etc.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the problems around the world is that it is impossible to travel as before. Which does not affect only tourists But also to people who work in the tourism industry Especially local guides who also have to lack income.

However, there is a new service. To help resolve the boredom of people who are unable to travel abroad Including creating jobs, generating income for people working in the travel industry, that is Cooee offers a Virtual Tour tour via VDO Call system.

Online travel agency anywhere in the world

Cooee company, a VDO Call tour service. They born from the idea of ​​a New Zealand travel agency during COVID-19 Impact on tourism The company wanted to find a way for local guides to survive. Therefore decided to do a tour service through the VDO Call system

Cooee’s services differ from other online travel services. Where the tour Able to modify travel schedules according to their own interests And you can choose where you want to go to attractions such as traveling in Fiji, Australia, or going to the Himalayas. After contacting Cooee, the local guide will contact you back. And take a tour through the Zoom application

The founder of the Cooee travel service predicted that after the epidemic of COVID-19 Ended This online tour service Should still have users as before Especially people who are unable to get on the plane easily, such as people with disabilities This online travel service will help create new travel experiences for new people.

Amazon Airbnb and Google are also taking tours online

In fact, online tour guide travel services are not new at all. Before, there were many companies, including Amazon, that offer Explore, an online travel guide. Variety Including traveling in natural and cultural places, learning how to cook local food Learn how to write a book Or choose to have a guide take it to buy things. Virtual shopping can be done as well.

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