8 Best Places to “Travel on a Budget “from 8 Countries

Traveling abroad each time you must think heavily about the cost. Because if it comes back then you will almost lose we introduces the 8 best travel destinations from 8 countries around the world. That will make your vacation days meaningful Travel with ease, easy on your pocket, open up a new experience. Travel by yourself with limited money Certifying that it is worth more because each of them All the best.

1. Mexico

Mexico may not be the first choice. In the visit of tourists, but Mexico is a city that is valuable enough to visit. Whether it is a world-class hotel Beautiful beach And great local food All are available for a reasonable price. If you’re adventurous, don’t miss it, but before you go, be sure to read the reviews or information carefully. Will be more popular and, of course, the cost could be more expensive.

2. Sardinia

Italy’s paradise island One of the best places on Mediterranean sea With bright weather Beautiful beach And perfect nature However, during high season, accommodation on Sardinia beaches. Can be very expensive Especially if you haven’t booked in advance. But is it better? If you will visit during September – October at a cheaper price. The weather is still warm The sea is still beautiful plus not a lot of people as well.

3. Vietnam

Even after Vietnam There will be tremendous growth in tourism. But the expenses did not add up at all still cheap like that With interesting culture amazing nature Unique local food Including friendly people Is there any reason why you don’t want to visit Vietnam?

4. Honduras

A small country in the Caribbean coast of Central America that you might not know much about. It may not be as famous as Guatemala or Costa Rica. But with your wallet in mind, Honduras seems a not so bad choice. With a fairytale sandy beach And unbelievably cheap seafood Enjoy diving Sip a drink on the beach. Comfortable Not wasteful compared to other places

5. Bali

Bali, Indonesia’s most famous island, is the perfect choice. That you will spend in vacation there Important landmarks here are inevitable. Ancient temples Unique pagoda And beautiful buildings You will find a lovely welcome from the people. In Europe and America, the island of Bali is a popular place. For those who seek happiness in life And escape the chaos

6. Latvia

Latvia, another corner of Europe That has rarely been mentioned Here you will find an exciting nightlife scene. In the summer that the service is open for service until Sawang But the highlight would be nouveau architecture In eastern european style combined with the beauty of a small village Among the forest and national parks All of this awaits you at an affordable price.

7. Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a jewel of Europe It’s a country with excellent weather. From May to October Choosing to relax on the beach with the warm sun There is a shallow sea view. And the beauty of buildings architecture This is all perfection. Suitable for family vacations. At an affordable price.

8. Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that offers the best in the Mediterranean atmosphere. Especially in the coastal city “Antalya”  for a small expense. Ancient ruins left from different cultures. Full of shopping There are various hotels for you to choose from. Even 5-star hotels cost less than $ 100 per night, that’s enough for Turkey to be the first choice. To take your vacation time.

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