Visit the Panda Conservation Center, Chengdu, China

 Chengdu, China is not only famous for its spicy hot pot. But a resident of the pandas living in black and white a chubby to receive love and compassion from all over the world join us at the Conservation Center pandas in Chengdu, then everyone will love. Definitely the cuteness of this round person.

 To solve the problem of the steadily declining number of pandas and various animal species Endangered species such as the Red Panda, the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, and the Black-necked Shariot. (Black-Necked Crane) China has established. Panda Conservation Center or Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 1987 to conduct research. Research methods for breeding pandas including creating an environment suitable for the way of living of those animals With an area of ​​more than 2,650 and is about to expand to 5,000 rai, making this place like a small forest for children to live comfortably.

Since 1993, the center has given the public and visitors the opportunity to see the cuteness of the children up close. There is also an animal hospital, an animal house, and a panda museum. And an activity area for pandas to come out and walk together We could see a fluffy, fluffy, black and white bear climbing on a tree. Or various logs In hand, he would hold a bamboo stick. Comfortably Some of them may fall asleep happily, not interested in anyone. This is the way of life of the panda. I love it.

     In addition to the giant pandas There is also a zone for us to see the cuteness of a newborn baby panda. It nursery also includes the Vertebrate Hall . In the museum, there is a display of replica fossils to study the biology of vertebrates. As for who is the panda follower? Here there is a gift shop selling souvenirs. And a cute panda doll To be able to choose fully.

Transportation and admission fees to Chengdu Panda Conservation Center

Panda Conservation Center It is located not far from the city of Chengdu. Only 45 minutes by bus, when you arrive at the entrance of the center, there will be a golf cart service to drive you there. After sitting and admiring the bamboo forest for about 8-10 minutes, you will arrive at the panda house. For groups of 10 or more, the ticket price is RMB 30 per person. The price will be 40 yuan.

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