The best “toxin-absorbing plants” Reduce Toxins

Reduce toxins, purify the air in the house by planting trees. 

If talking about ” toxin-absorbing plants in the house ” believe that many readers may have read and heard some. But one may wonder, in a seemingly safe home, what toxins will be in the house? Can a small plant actually absorb the toxins? How is the proof process? Or is it just written up to add value to the tree? This work has to say that trees can actually absorb toxins in the house. And there is research support from NASA since the year. In 1989, NASA and the ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) jointly initiated a project to find a suitable indoor environment to live safely from toxic substances in a natural way.

By  Dr.Wolverton  test to absorb toxins of plants in a closed room with space as a normal room (10 square meters), then release chemicals into the test sample is 3 Fort Thomas formaldehyde.  And some can remove many substances in different amounts, for example, rhizome (ivy) removes up to 90% of benzene but eliminates TCE (initial concentration 0.174 ppm) only 11%, etc.

Top 7 ornamental plants absorbing toxins you can buy near your home

  1. Bamboo Palm is an ornamental plant that releases a lot of moisture. Has a high ability to absorb toxins that contaminate the air. Especially the 3 toxins, benzene, trichlorethylene And formaldehyde.

2. Golden pothos  is an ornamental plant, easy to find, easy to grow, and cheap. After 24 hours of experimentation, it was found that alkali betel can reduce benzene up to 73.2%, carbon monoxide 75% and also emit moisture in the air.

3. Ten thousand years green (Chinese Evergreen) is another easy-to-find ornamental plant that absorbs toxins best because it has wide leaves. Has a large area of ​​the leaf surface for absorption of toxins in 24 hours, absorbing 35% trichlorethylene.

4. Vassana (Janet Craig) and Vassana Prayer (Mass Cane)  are another group of wood at NASA and have been found to be effective at absorbing formaldehyde up to 70%, but are less prominent in the uptake. Benzene and trichlorethylene

5. Riches house in (Spider plants)  ornamental plants of this kind. Thai people grow in their homes for a long time. It was one of the first ornamental plants that NASA declared to have indoor ligature suction properties. Wolverton’s results showed that in a 24-hour period, the housemates were able to absorb 96% of carbon monoxide and 86% of formaldehyde.

6. Deli (Peace Lily) is an ornamental plant with a beautiful leaf shape. They are sold in almost every store. It is a plant that has excellent properties. Absorb very high levels of FM, TCE and benzene. It also cleans the air very well as well. Air purification here means The plant absorbs carbon dioxide from human breath. And release oxygen to replace.

7. Mother-in Law’s Tongue, Snake plants This type of sharp leaf-shaped ornamental plant is more known in Thailand as Help purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen in the building. And has the ability to absorb toxins from FM, TCE and benzene at a high level.

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