Onsen Ayengwattana in Japanese

Today we will present another path towards youthfulness. That does not have to rely on any skin care But have to travel a little By the place that we will present each other today is “Ayengwattana Onsen Soaked and then young Not getting old, not withered! ”Or“ Furofushi Onsen ”

Just the name, it looks like this magnificent palace. Is that true or not !? Honestly, if soaked and reached a longevity, it might be a bit power. But on the part of keeping youthful Not old, not withered The Japanese really believe that.

The authors themselves view it as a personal belief. There is a chance to go would like to try to soak with him as well get the better results.

Furofushi Onsen, one of the World Natural Heritage Sites

Onsen Furofushi of this. Has been appointed as a natural world heritage site too. The coordinates are at the foot of Mount Shirakami. Fukaura City Aomori Prefecture


At this onsen There is a natural reddish-brown hot spring spring at 400 liters per minute, which is rich in iron. And has healing properties and cleansing wounds It also has the ability to nourish the skin to be smooth, soft and moist. Resulting in people calling it a “Healing hot spring” or “skin care onsen” as well

The atmosphere is beautiful beyond words

In addition to having amazing body maintenance properties At Furofushi Onsen, this place is also surrounded by charming nature. Which is ready to spell the eyes of the tourists who come in under control

Onsen away from the pond, just 1 meter, you will find water, sea, transparent waters invite slumber while listening to the waves, soaked to the onsen. Would be a new experience That is not easy to find anyway.

In addition to the contrasting atmosphere of the sea and natural hot springs The evening when the sun is about to set is a must-see Peak Time! Because you can watch the sunset by the sea while soaking in onsen!

In addition, Furofushi Onsen is also one of the top 100 places to view the most beautiful sunset in Japan. Millions of quality ever.

Food delights

And since it is an onsen near the sea, besides the typical Japanese food Of course, here you will be able to taste fresh seafood as well, it is a worthwhile trip to onsen.

Another highlight here is Food made with fresh ingredients and rich in benefits. Because the cooks choose the freshest ingredients The kind that was caught on that day ever came to cook. It is also prepared with the unique works of Fukuura City. In order for the visitors to fully taste local food

How are you doing? Saw like this Didn’t start choosing right now? Are you going to take a tour or do a good food tour?

For anyone who is comfortable using Japanese Can go to study details Or if you contact us by phone Including contact to reserve a room to stay at the website below

Furoufushi Onsen
Opening hours: 08.00 – 16.00 (but if a guest staying at the onsen You can use the hot spring after 4:00 p.m.)
Address: 15−1 Shimokiyotaki, Fukaura, Henashi, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori 038-2327
Website: Furoufushi Onsen Official Website (English)

Any friends who have the opportunity to go Or if it’s time to travel to it already Do not forget to come back and share your experience with each other.

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