Visit Colorland, Uttaradit beautiful flower fields

Visit Colorland, Uttaradit Province, enjoy beautiful flower fields, this corner is also right.

During the winter when the cold wind has not completely departed from us. These are the charms of the season that make us want to hang out. Take in the good atmosphere and this period that many people feel depressed with the new wave of COVID-19 and want to refresh their mood again. 

Today we have a great travel destination to introduce to “Colorland” , Uttaradit Province Thailand. It is said that the line will love to share it. But what is the atmosphere like? Come and see But wait! You must not forget that Traveling during this time must be extra careful. If you have fun traveling, don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

 Colorland Colorful land Which is the intention of the owner himself Who want to create this area full of colorful flowers Which will be rotated according to each season That means even if you visit here again. The beautiful atmosphere will change every time as well.

The garden consists of several zones to walk around, including the “Flower Garden Zone”, now a flower potion and a guava flower. And there is a staircase of heaven for you to stand up and post cool photos as well. “Beach Zone” white sand gives you a feeling that you are in the real sea. In addition, there are many other highlighted shooting angles such as a swing to sit on, a crescent moon. And a wooden bridge to chill Take in the view of the surrounding atmosphere ufabet.

For anyone who travels during this period Don’t forget to take care of your own safety, keep your distance, wear masks, and wash your hands often to prevent

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