Koh Tao, Thailand, Check-in point

After we have recommended  Where to stay on Koh Tao ‘ , the response has been quite good. Today, our website has gathered information on ‘ Koh Tao travel ‘ for everyone to plan a trip together. Koh Tao is an island with an area of ​​more than 21 square kilometers. Making it quite a number of viewpoints and beaches on the island. However, the abundance of nature makes it possible to have beautiful marine life and coral under the sea. The activities that many people like to play together would be inevitable , diving or playing in the sea. There are many landmarks for doing these activities. But do not need to find information to waste time. Because in this article, we have already selected the highlights of the main attractions on the island ufabet.

1. John-Suwan Viewpoint

If anyone has visited Koh Tao and did not go up to John-Suwan viewpoint. Considered that you missed it and it’s like you didn’t really come to Koh Tao by the vision above the mountain after going up. will see a panoramic view as wide as the eye can see It’s not wrong to call it a million dollar view. which will see the turquoise sea with a green cut blue including Ao Thian and Ao Chalok Baan Kao, which are shaped like a bird’s wing in such a beautiful way that it is beyond description. Although it takes a bit of exertion and sweat to walk up for about 20 minutes, you can be assured that you’ll be completely exhausted right after you reach the top. Along with getting beautiful photos on social media to show off to your friends to be jealous.

2. Tanote Bay

Another attraction that should not be missed when in Koh Tao is ‘Ao Tanote’. The specialty of this place is that you can see the large gray granite lined the beach against the lush greenery. tree including the blue sea which is a very perfect blend of beauty In addition, a popular activity that many people do in Tanote Bay is sea diving from the granite rock. sunbathing on the beach Or it’s a dive to see the beauty under the sea like corals. So don’t forget to prepare yourself, apply sunscreen and a diving mask .

3. Sairee Beach

Clean and pristine sand and wide beaches. This allows you to enjoy the view and breathe in the fresh air. Moreover, the history here is long and interesting. Because in the past, Sairee Beach used to be a residence of Her Royal Highness Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak So on the beach there will be a monument for us to see. If anyone hasn’t been to I want to try to touch each other once.

4. Ao Hin Wong

Ao Hin Wong is one of the most clear waters, so the most popular activity here is definitely inevitable in terms of diving. Under the sea you will see a variety of marine fish that swim along the current. There are also abundant sea anemones and corals. It is also another corner that is very suitable for watching the sunset to relax. If anyone comes as a couple, the atmosphere here can create a romance for you.

5. Laem Thian

If anyone wants to see beautiful and unusual fish that are hard to find, they must come to ‘Laem Thian’ because with a journey that may require walking or using a motorcycle, the atmosphere is peaceful. As a result, the surrounding nature is still flawless and beautiful. So you can come to sleep in the sun to make a natural tan fully. Laem Thian is another great spot for both snorkeling and scuba diving. There are spots that are suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. Which the view under the sea will have large rocks, including black tip sharks that come to show off to see (Don’t worry, this shark is not aggressive.)

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