Trail of Harry Potter at York, United Kingdom

Speak of the scenes in literature and movies. Such as Harry Potter, one of them would have to Diagon Alley absolutely everyone know. It is actually inspire by the magic comes from the city. York, where to visit England An old town full of ancient architecture charm. And a cute shop The entire trip, and fans of Harry Potter can not miss.

Trail of Harry Potter

Travel to Yorkshire in the north of England and you will find the ancient city of York founded by the Roman Empire in 71 AD as a fortress town. Eboracum and the former capital of the northern region. Thousands of years of history can be seen in the city’s many attractions, including York Minster Cathedral, Clifford’s Tower. And the architecture of the city’s buildings that reflect the charm of York. York also has shops, lovely restaurants and snacks. Afternoon tea at the famous Betty’s a must to try.

York Minster

Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter is a basilica dedicate to St. Peter in 314. Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-Saxon) and Normandy, but have been destroy. And renovate into Gothic architecture since the 13th century onwards. Anyone who is studying Western art York Minster Cathedral is one of the landmarks that should be visited as well. Because it is the largest Gothic cathedral in England. And the second largest after Cologne Cathedral, Germany. In addition, the interior also exhibits a number of relics that are over 2,000 years old. 

Clifford’s Tower

Clifford’s Tower is part of the most intact remains of York Castle . Built in the 13th century with its location on a hill. Make in the present The tower was develop into a vantage point in the middle of the city that offers a panoramic view of York.

The Shambles

The highlights of the York fans at Harry’s. Ace is not to be miss is The Shambles Lane was inspire by J. K. Knaresborough monkey (JK Rowling) , owner of Opus Harry Potter (Harry Potter) create Diagon Alley (Diagon Alley) up. Come sure enough. It is also part of the scene where Diagonon Alley is shot in the movie. The distinguishing feature of this alley lies in its narrow, winding streets, with people roaming around. It is perfect to be the prototype of the bustling shopping scene in a magical world like we saw in the movies.

In fact, The Shambles is an alley that dates back to the Middle Ages. In the 14th century there were houses and shops of butchers. If it were in the past, we might have seen meat piled up across the alley. But after this became known as the Alley from the Harry Potter people, so I went and opened a shop selling souvenirs in the universe of Harry’s all over but people are still tight, virtually every shop. You can say that just walking into the alley feels like I’m actually walking in a magical world.

Castle Howard

About 40 minutes by car from the city of York, we will find Castle Howard , the residence of the The Howard family for more than 300 years is now a vast tourist destination. Be sure to visit the inside of the mansion. Because each time of the year will have the interior of the mansion according to different themes. having a magnificent beauty And very creative.

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