“Online Travel Egypt”, You can walk through the pyramid

Online Travel Egypt offers an opportunity to visit the priceless. There are pyramids, tombs and museums online with virtual tour technology. That allows viewers to see the sights in 360 degrees as, if they were walking on their own.

Egypt is amazing country to discover. That the tourists from all over the world have always dreamed of traveling to experience. Each other once Well known famous tourist attractions It will be a different pyramid that is enormous. Which stands out in the vast desert Including other amazing buildings that are thousands of years old that are unspoiled beautiful.

Recently many people’s dreams have come true. Although unable to travel Can go see the real place With the situation of COVID 19 in foreign countries still worrisome. But Egypt has put together a 360-degree Virtual Tour service on its website. egymonuments.gov.eg Take a tour of various historical attractions in the form of online travel. Get a closer look at the outside and inside atmosphere of that Egyptian tourist attraction, the pictures are beautiful, clear, see almost all details. As if walking around by yourself There are interesting attractions such as;

1. Pyramid of Djoser

Located in the area of ​​Saqqara cemetery, northwest of Memphis Built in the period 2670-2650 years BC. Builder Pharaoh Joe, the ancient Egyptian king. It is design by Imhotep, The unique architecture is a pyramid of 4 sides, each side is built into steps up to 6 floors. So it is called “Staircase Pyramid”. It is approximately 62.5 meters high. The base is 109 meters wide and 121 meters long. It built of stone, with a burial chamber below the depth of 28 meters. In addition, this place has an interesting place such as the Enclosure Wall. The beautiful wall in front of the cemetery. The Great Trench, the carvings in front of the cemetery, and the Roofed Colonnade Entrance. The walkway before entering the pyramid. For example, on this virtual tour is also open to the Roofed Colonnade Entrance.

2. Pyramid of Unas

Located in the Saqqara Cemetery as well, It built in the period 2375-2345 BC. Pharaoh Unas was the first pyramid to contain the Pyramid Texts. Or religious inscriptions that would help a deceased king to rise and lead the afterlife to reach God. The hieroglyphs are carve on the stone wall. It is writ in long blue columns that represent water, life and rebirth. On the website, we can see the Pyramid Texts area inside the cemetery.

3. Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq

Located in Cairo It is one of Egypt’s most beautiful places of worship in Islam. Built in AD 1384-1386 by Sultan al-Zahir Barquq as a religious school. Beautiful architecture Inside there is a dome with a high ceiling. Decorated with chandeliers And the decorative painting on the ceiling with intricate patterns is hard to find 

4.The Coptic Museum

The museum in Coptic Cairo, over 100 years old, is the world’s largest collection of Christian Egyptian artifacts. There are more than 15,000 pieces of antique and modern items including stone work, woodwork, metalwork, textiles and hand-written documents. In addition, the building has beautiful architecture. The interior is well design and decorated. The windows are decorated with stain glass at some points, so beautiful and pleasant to visit.

Egypt, there are also several Egyptian attractions available online, such as the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Tomb of Meresankh III, Coptic Museum, Gayer-Anderson Museum, Tomb of Mehu, Catacombs of Kom al-Shoqafa and The Islamic Art Museum. in Cairo, etc.

Disciples of people who are fascinated by Egyptian art and culture, try to go and shine together. While landmarks like The Great Pyramid of Giza do not yet have a Virtual Tour, there are pictures and information available for viewing in full.

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