9 “Natural pools around the world”, beautiful

Natural pools around the world, In hot weather anyone wants to play in the water. But if you are bored with swimming in the general pool. That played so often until used to that today, we will take you to change the atmosphere to visit natural pools around the world that can enjoy panoramic views say it is so beautiful that I am amazed.

1.  Hamilton Pool, Austin, USA

Heavenly Pool formed by the collapse of the Underground River Dome. It is thousands of years ago. It supports a 50-foot high waterfall surrounded by a rock dome that survives erosion. Decorated in mossy green, ferns and spruce, home to the endangered golden-cheeked warbler.

2.  Devil’s Pool, Zimbabwe

Reputed to be a swimming demon. Because in addition to being strange Also very adventurous Where one side of the vowel is The top of the Victoria Falls (Victoria Falls) with an altitude of 103 meters above sea level, if the protrusion is not good enough. It may have fallen.

3.Grotta Della Poesia, Lecce, Italy

Natural pool This clear emerald green Originated from the underground caves collapsed. Grotta della Poesia, located in  Roca Vecchia,  near the Adriatic coast.

4.  Queen’s Bath, Kauai Island, Hawaii

Queen’s Bath, a natural pool located on Kauai, Hawaii, USA. The nature of the pond is a deep hole formed by the sinking of rocks surrounded by igneous rocks.

5.Cenote Ik Kil, Chichen Itza, Mexico

The cenote or Ik-Kil cenote is a deep hole form. By the collapse of a limestone mountain. Into an emerald pool Under the shady of green trees on the mouth of the pit. Which will have a staircase leading down from the top visitors can walk and enjoy the view in each level. Enough to reach the bottom it can jump in the water.

6. Figure Eight Sydney, Australia

The reason is called Figure 8 pools because there is a small pond. It is a figure of eight and a very famous zeros, which is cause by pure natural skills. It is locate within the Royal National Park, but getting to see it with the eyes is not easy. You have to walk through the forest, sandy beaches, and also have to climb rocks. Because if the tide rises The park will put a warning sign forbidden.

7. Giola Lagoon, Greece

Giola Lagoon, located in the southeast of Thasos Island, Greece, is a lagoon-style swimming pool. Hiding in the rocks that block the outside sea. To feel like swimming in nature Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, turquoise. And sometimes waves from the sea can hit the lake. It is quite stunning.

8. Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Jacob’s Well is a natural pond. Full of slippery moss Deep under It has the longest limestone cave in Texas with several 4-meter-wide caves. Even though people have been injured and died from jumping Or dive into the cave Does not scare most tourists at all.

9 Garachico Pools, Spain

This pond, named Garachico, is located in a small fishing town. Has a distinctive look like no other Because they were formed from volcanic rocks And these volcanic rocks will serve as a defense tower Not let the waves from the harsh sea can penetrate.

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