How to keep the cake intact , still delicious

Making a cake doesn’t end with removing the cake from the oven. But the storage process is another important thing that should be paid attention to. Which has a simple way to keep the cake still delicious and live longer which before deciding whether to keep the cake intact outside the refrigerator or imported into the refrigerator Wait for the cake to cool to room temperature before you start doing anything else. Be careful not to put the cake directly in the freezer after it has been taken out of the oven.

Storing cakes for a short time in the refrigerator, the cake intact

Of course, if you haven’t planned on eating the cake right away. Especially if that day is hot and humid. But it is necessary to serve the cake after that. Cover the cake with the bowl by turning the bowl upside down. This will not cause the cake to lose moisture. or absorb other food odors from the refrigerator

If the cake is covered with plastic wrap, the cake will stay in the refrigerator for a few days, but wrap the wrap around the cake on all sides.

Quick tips Another thing is Storing the Cake in the Microwave

Storing the cake for a long time with freezing

If you want to keep the cake for longer than a week, place it in the freezer. It must be covered or wrapped in two layers of plastic. to properly seal the cake Then cover with another layer of silver foil to prevent the freezer from damaging the cake. If the cake is stored this way, the cake will last for months.

And when taking the cake out of the freezer, be sure to thaw it. By bringing the cake to change into a normal box instead.

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