How to make Kokedama, a Japanese-style circular garden

Kokedama is one of the Japanese garden styles where koke means moss and dama is spherical. It can be placed on wood, bark or tile. This type of landscaping is suitable for homes with limited space. Or a small house who wants to try or like a Japanese style garden, let’s try it.

How to arrange a Kokedama garden at home

Necessary equipment

1. Potting soil for bonsai
2. Peat moss is the planting material produced by the decomposition of moss remains. and the remains of plants that have been deposited for thousands of years Appearance is light brown to black, transparent, lightweight.
3. Sphagnum moss or rice moss nailed hermit. They are the lower plants that grow in the swamps. It is known as a living sponge. Due to the special structure that allows sphagnum moss to store a large amount of water
4. Ferns or nearby plants.
5. Various types of jute fibers
6. Scissors
7. Water

How to make Kokedama

1. Create a spherical soil, mix peat moss and bonsai soil together in a ratio of 7 : 3 parts, gradually add water and mix well. until it forms a lump of clay that sticks together to be the size of a large grapefruit

2. Wrap the fern with sphagnum moss soaked moss. in water until damp, then rinse. Then take the fern to clean the soil from the roots. Then use sphagnum moss to wrap the roots and tie the fern into a spiral.

3. Create a spherical soil around the moss. Divide the spherical soil in half. Then place the fern-wrapped plant in the middle of the halved ball. Then bring the other side of the clay to sandwich and shape it into a ball. before using the moss sheet to wrap the clay ball again then tied into a spiral then spray water considered completed.

How to care for Kokedama

– The best way to care for this type of garden is watering. When the ball feels light, water it. Or notice that the tips of the leaves are starting to turn brown and should be watered. And cut off the brown part to prevent the brown from spreading. Watering is simple: place the ball in a bowl of plain water for about 10 minutes, then place the plant ball in a colander for a few minutes to drain excess water. When the water doesn’t drip, it’s ready to hang.

But if the trees planted with yellow leaves or have fungal infection That means there is too much water. The solution is to trim off any fungal-infected leaves. or rinse with a warm washcloth.

– about the light Moss balls, like most plants. Needs some light to grow But it doesn’t have to be too much. Because plants are primarily moss. Therefore, it may cause more dryness. Therefore, the point where the plant ball should be hung should choose a semi-shaded, semi-lighted spot in the house.

– Fertilize about once a month to get the necessary nutrients. As for the fertilizer used is a water-soluble fertilizer for indoor plants.

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