Benefits of lemon peel Squeeze

Benefits of lemon peel Squeeze the finished water. It is well known that “lemon” has many benefits. Not only do we use lemon juice for consumption, cooking, beverages, etc., but the rind of the lemon itself has many uses. The general public may not yet know that the lemon peel that we squeeze the juice after can be used for many other household tasks as follows.

Removes Tea, Coffee Stains, Coffee

lovers, or anyone who likes to drink tea, may find tea and coffee stains on the mug. which makes the containers we use look dirty Using lemon peel to put into a glass and pour hot water into it. And leave it for 2 hours, then pour the water and clean as usual. That glass will go back to being useful as before.

To clean the microwave,

put water in a cup or microwave- safe container. Then cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice and add the peel. Then put the cup in the microwave for about 2 minutes. When the temperature drops, take the cup out.

Reduce the pungent smell of vinegar.

Vinegar is another versatile kitchen tool. But every time I use vinegar, the pungent smell of vinegar kicks my nose every time. So that the use of vinegar does not have a pungent smell, we can add lemon peel to reduce the pungent smell of vinegar.

Reduce bad smell in garbage
If you try to notice, you will find that the trash in the house where we leave various garbage. Nana always had a strong smell. Putting lemon peels in the trash The smell of it will reduce the smell of garbage. It also helps to eliminate germs as well.

make stainless steel shiny
when the appliances Especially appliances made of stainless steel that have been used for a while. May be dull A good solution to dark circles and I would recommend is to sprinkle salt on the container and scrub the lemon rinds all over.

make lemon peel marinade
Lemon peel marinade can be mixed with dishwashing liquid. Or can be mixed with water to water the plants. The method is to take 3 kg of lemon peel, 1 kg of sugar that can be eaten, then bring another 10 liters of clean drinking water to ferment for about 3 months by opening the lid to drain the gas often.

make the kitchen smell good
One of the troubles that housewives are troubling for is that after cooking, there is often a smell of food stuck on the wall. Or parts of the kitchen, we can solve these odors by baking the lemon peel in a low heat of 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 minutes, then turn on the oven to let the smell of lemon peel spread throughout. In addition to helping to make the kitchen smell better. It also helps repel insects.

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