5 ways to clean the refrigerator Make it brand new

The most annoying problem with how to clean the refrigerator. which made the housewife to hold the temple Especially when I opened the refrigerator and met with bulking stuff. Packed with various kinds of food But would it be better? If we come to try how to clean the refrigerator suitable for the new era who do not have time to sit down or collect small things by today we will open a good technique that will help you. clean the refrigerator Quickly and easily, just 10 minutes.

If you walk to open the refrigerator and feel that it’s cluttered. Difficult to pick up Plus, the smell of food stuffed into my nose. It’s time for us to come. clean the refrigerator keep brand new

1. Separate parts of the refrigerator for cleaning

When clearing the refrigerator including separate items to be store or discarded already. Then let’s separate the different parts of the refrigerator apart. To be clean In particular, some parts that may be stain with dirt, so the separation of parts. will enable clean the refrigerator More thorough and easier than wiping without disassembling Each type of refrigerator has different parts that need to be cleaned, especially smart refrigerator that has a variety of functions and has many components.

For washing certain parts of the refrigerator such as trays, ice trays. Once removed, it can be wash using a sponge and dishwashing liquid. And when it’s done, wash it out and let it dry. to prepare to be assemble into the refrigerator again

2. Clean the refrigerator with a fresh sponge

After washing the parts of the refrigerator It came to the stage of clean the refrigerator inside the cabinet by using a sponge moistened with dishwashing liquid Then take it and wipe it clean. It is recommended to wipe every nook and cranny thoroughly. After wiping the stains are finished, take the sponge to moisten with water and wipe it accordingly. until the bubbles from the dishwashing liquid are gone.

In the event that Stubborn stains in the cupboard Can not be wiped clean with dishwashing liquid, it is recommended to mix ammonia with warm water in a ratio of 1:4, after that, point it on the stain or soak it for 3-5 minutes, after that, scrub it with a normal sponge.

Also, be sure to clean the edge of the refrigerator door whenever you want to clean the refrigerator. Because if accumulated for a long time may cause mold. The most effective cleaning method is to moisten a cloth with baking soda. Then take it and wipe it along the edge. That’s it, the edge of your refrigerator door will come back clean and new as if you just bought it.

3. Good way to clean the refrigerator. Do not forget to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Even though it has been cleaned already But it can be noted that The refrigerator still has some odors, so deodorize the inside of the refrigerator before putting the parts back together. Use ¼ cup of hot water mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Clean the refrigerator another round to deodorize. Baking soda is also good at killing bacteria and mold.

4. Gradually put the stuff in the refrigerator. ready to reorganize

after completion how to clean the refrigerator ready to deodorize It comes to the process of assembling the parts into place. In the meantime, don’t forget to check the cleanliness one more time. When everything is fully assembled Then gradually collect the things that are dismantled out into the refrigerator. Ready to arrange the items to be kept neatly, in a systematic way, clearly separated from each other.

Another technique that can be used is to classify food clearly into categories. There is a sequence of food in the cabinet, such as items that can be stored for a long time should be stored inside. But if it’s fresh, keep it outside. Also, keep it organized by using an organizing box or using a regular plastic food container, because in addition to keeping the refrigerator organized It also helps to pick up and use it easily, quickly, no more clutter.

5. Add fragrance to the refrigerator. ready to set traps

Even if you know how to clean the refrigerator fully. including techniques for organizing a new refrigerator It is recommended that one more method be added, which is to add fragrance to the refrigerator along with deodorizing traps To prevent the problem of accumulated food odor causing the need to sit and dismantle the refrigerator many times endlessly

1. Add fragrance with essential oils.

The first technique for adding fragrance is to use a cotton pad moistened with essential oils, whether it’s vanilla, lemon, orange, or others as you like, and then put it in the refrigerator. may be placed in any corner To add fragrance and freshness to your favorite refrigerator When the smell starts to fade, you can replace the cotton wool with a new one.

2. Charcoal to deodorize and coffee powder can help.

One of the helpers to make refrigerator Your not rancid is to use charcoal deodorant to put in the refrigerator. Some households may choose to use fresh coffee grounds as well. In addition, baking soda can be placed in a small cup and placed in the cupboard to deodorize it.

3. Absorb unpleasant odors with newsprint.

for fresh vegetables It is recommended to trap unpleasant odors with newspaper. Or maybe use brown paper bags. By having them crumpled and put them in the box that put fresh vegetables below. The advantages of using paper are Helps absorb odors in the cabinet It also helps to add freshness to vegetables for longer.

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