Beauty Trend 2021, “healthy skin”

Beauty Trend 2021, healthy skin. How long has it been since the whitening trend or the white trend dominated the top? Of the popular trend that all girls want, but do you know that in 2021 there will be a new trend, not just white? But it is the clarification that comes along with the health of the skin that looks good too. 

The word white is not the definition of beautiful skin.

Believe that many people may have grown up with the values ​​that make us feel that white is the dream skin. It is the ideal skin that many people want to have. But in fact, the word white is just a word that indicates the skin color, it is what skin color is. Not a definition of beautiful skin

To the point that many people are obsess with the white And understand that dark skin is not beautiful Which we would like to say that in the year 2021 onwards, we may have to change our minds a new one Because the word is true beautiful skin Is that the skin is strong, healthy, has aura even without makeup Even in any skin color.

The big beauty brands have stopped using the word whitening.

Recently, L’Oreal announced its position on equality of skin color and race, which is the source of the termination of the term whitening, including fair and lightening. For example, Uniliever announce that it was discontinued as well. This makes it very clear that any skin color can be beautiful as well.

Healthy skin from within And this outside is real

As I said, any skin color can be beautiful as well. Actually, beautiful skin is skin that does not lack water, smooth and finely, with an aura from within Even if there is a little acne or freckles, what are they? It’s not a big deal in this era at all. Because we live in an age where apartheid Or bullying other people’s disadvantages is something that should not happen anymore.

Examples of girls’ skin With a healthy skin

We know this, girls. Anyone who is still worried about the whiteness of their own skin You can break up. Then turn to skin care by focusing on hydrating the skin, not dry, tight, look better with aura. This is what it is call in for real !!

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